When we talk about programming software, we mention a set of tools that allow the development of applications or software. It is mostly used by programmers and developers to create new programs.

This is located in a subcategory of what would be the computer system, and in itself we can identify another classification. Programming software is divided into different types, and the most important are the following:

List of the best programming software to create websites, tools and applications

Basic 4 Android

It is a platform that allows us to create great applications, it is considered an excellent competitor of Android Studio, where it uses the language of Visual BASIC. It is especially dedicated to new Android developers, and it is extremely useful because it offers a rather graphic and less abstract environment.

Thanks to its tools and functions we will be able to see how our application is looking after completing each phase.

Monkey for Android

We know that Android has used it as a native Java language, but despite this has arrived this fabulous tool that allows us to program, with different language of programming apps. To use this application we only need to download it on our computer, although unfortunately it is only available for Windows.

App Inventor

It is an excellent program that allows us to create software and applications, even if we don’t have much knowledge in programming. App Inventor is a fabulous tool, developed by Google Labs, with a project initiative for more people to join to program.

It offers us a completely visual environment so that we can write lines of codes to create app on Android. Although it has some drawbacks, one of them its simplicity and the inability to respond when creating applications.

This is a platform in which we can develop new applications for Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows in the cloud, in addition we can also web programs and servers. LiveCode is the best tool that we can find whenever we need to program for different systems with the same tool.

InDesign CS6

When we want to convert publications into downloadable applications, this is the perfect program, because we can create books, magazines, comics, newspapers and catalogs. It specializes mainly in making simple but quite useful apps; it also allows what many are looking for, which is programming without knowing how to program.

HTML5 is an online program that allows us to program web pages, although this is mostly used for the creation of Android apps.

With HTML5 we can create a complete line of codes to program. Another of the great functions of this fabulous tool, is that it allows us to develop cross-platform applications, which is really useful for an expert programmer.

This is a platform that allows us to develop application for Android, and there are already 20,000 applications developed through it. Furthermore, it is a fairly simple software, ideal to develop any type of mobile app.

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This is the main platform used by PayPal and eBay to develop their mobile apps, which tells us that it is a platform that delivers what it promises.


Many times it has happened to us that we are on a website and we do not like its design and typography, and we do not know what software to use to be able to design an equal without having so much knowledge in programming. But with WhatFont you won’t need to look any further, because this one is ideal for us.

Although, more than a software, it is an extension of Google Chrome that allows us to select the texts and be able to obtain the type of programming used.

Adobe Dreamweaver

We know that Dreamweaver is not one of the best applications for creating web pages, but it is still a good alternative. Many of its users categorize it as their favorite, because it is compatible with Windows and Mac. The big drawback is that to be able to use it you need to pay.

Although it offers us two versions, one cheaper and the other more expensive, in addition we can include among its features that has a responsive design, and we can also make use of the templates that are included in the package.

Avanquest WebEasy Professional

It is a fairly advanced software that gives us tools to create professional websites. Its users highlight the wide variety of templates that it includes, among them more than 600 that can be customizable.

If we are looking to design in the most graphical and visual way possible, this is the fabulous tool that we can use. Thanks to its functions and features, you don’t have to know much about programming or programmatic languages. The same software teaches us.

Very useful if we want to make an online store. Like the one mentioned above, it has an excellent editor that allows us to program without us knowing much about programming.

It is a very easy to use tool. It has many features, such as web optimization for SEO, and other… although the one that stands out the most is that we can use its free version. It also offers a paid version to enjoy all its functions.

It is certainly one of the most well-known tools, because we well know that it is the one that has been given the most publicity. It is very useful if you want to create a website without having knowledge in programming and without paying anything.

Another of the most important features is that it allows us to acquire applications from the market app, being something that differentiates it from the other tools that we mentioned.

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It offers a free hosting and domain service in its demo version; and even using it in a full version its cost is not very high.

Visual Studio

It is one of the programs to create the most famous programs and tools, because it offers us an integrated environment to develop even compatible applications for any operating system.

It gives us support for multiple programming languages such as Visual C+, Visual C,, Visual J, and Visual Basic.Net, and gives us the opportunity to graphically see web development.

Java SDK

It is a programming language, which allows us to develop products, such as programs, tools and applications, although this language can only be interpreted by an operating system that uses Virtual Java.

One of the virtues of using Java is that we can design without having to be recompiling every time, because it allows us to develop it once, thanks to its cache system.

It is a program that allows us to design desktop applications using Java languages, and create designs with the help of components called modules. This has an integrated environment, and is also very useful for expert programmers.


With this software we will be able to develop any program. We just need to know which programming language we want to develop our tool with, and Delphi will help us with the rest.

Its original programming language is Object Pascal, which is compatible with Windows and Linux. Thanks to this, it has been given greater use to develop client-server and multilayer databases, which is not to say that it is not useful for creating other software.

Ruby on Rails

It is a Framework that allows us to design using the Ruby programming language, which is aimed at enabling the design of webs easily and quickly. When you learn to completely master its language, you will understand why it is the favorite of entrepreneurs around the world.

This program has the motto do not repeat yourself, because when writing only once the command line you can get compact and light applications and programs.


Velneo is a program that allows us to develop application for business on databases. It is mainly based on a very powerful totally visual programming environment, in addition that allows us to obtain a learning while programming.

Because we don’t need to know much about programming, we’ll be able to create applications and tools quickly. It is basically made up of developers who provide us with business templates, which we can edit as we wish.

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