Control your patients’ diet with nutrition software

The advantage of having nutrition software is that with it you can design efficient diets that include all food groups, establish fat, weight and muscle records or get a database of your patients. These programs are specialized in keeping track of everything we eat – and what we don’t. Here are some of the best programs for dietitians and nutritionists currently available.

The 6 best nutrition software

  1. Nutrium, a nutrition software for teamwork

We started this top 6 software for nutritionists with Nutrium. It is a useful platform not only for dietitians and nutritionists, but also for patients. Both parties can work as a team to achieve the goals set. In addition, patients can track their progress through any mobile device with the Nutrium app.

The functions of this nutritional software include the analysis of micro and macro nutrients of each intake, the measurement of anthropometric data of patients, the scheduling of face-to-face or online appointments and the definition of food plans to cover energy expenditure according to the person.

Many professionals choose Nutrium for its ease of use and multiple functions. The best thing is that you can try it during a 14-day trial period completely free of charge. If you later decide that it meets your needs and want to continue to register you have the following two options:

  1. Dietowin, a simple but complete software for Dietitians

If you are looking for a program to develop diets efficient and with a simple interface, Dietowin is a good choice. This software automatically generates eating plans under strict nutritional critical parameters. Clinics, hospitals and nutritional centers implement it for its great use.

Although your license is managed on-premises (installed on your computer), all information is stored in the Cloud and offers a variety of features. You can create personalized diets in seconds, administer therapies for complex nutritional cases, and organize your appointment calendar. Dietowin provides remote technical support to solve your users’ problems at any time.

As noted, Dietowin is a nutrition software that is installed on-premises. Unlike 100% cloud solutions, it has the advantage of not having to pay a monthly fee. However, the one-time payment for the license for its use is high. To know the price it is advisable to contact them through their website. As we have checked online, the monopoly license exceeds 1500 euros.

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  1. Dietopro, artificial intelligence applied to nutritional software

In the third place of this list, we have Dietopro. It is a program for nutritionists that has an Automata Expert System (SEA). It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) capable of establishing a personalized food plan in a short time.

Among its features is the option to modify the nutritional plan according to specific pathologies, allows to track the anthropometric information of the patient, studies the clinical history of each person and provides recommendations about diet preparations. It is a very complete nutrition software.

With regard to cost, Dietopro is a cloud system, which can be used for free but with limited functions and a maximum of two patients per month. It also offers its Pro Plan worth 20 euros per month, with all its functions enabled. You can even pay for the day of use for as little as €5, in order to provide greater flexibility of access to professionals.

WEB: Dietopro

  1. Nutrimind, the software for multi-device nutritionists

Nutrimind is another program for nutritionists designed to track the progress of patients. Its installation consists of downloading it on any computer, on the premises, and web access to enter the database. It also offers its own app to facilitate assistance to each registered person.

As a program to develop diets, Nutrimind can store clinical data of each patient in order to optimize the results of any diet. It also shows graphs of evolution, performs caloric calculations, analyzes user habits and generates creative diets to motivate your users.

Nutrimind has a single payment for downloading and installing its nutritional software for only $ 70. The price is cheaper than other alternatives available on the web. In addition, their advisors can give you all the attention and help you may need with the program.

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WEB: Nutrimind

  1. AZ Nutrition, a nutrition software for experts

Another software alternative for nutritionists and dietitians is AZ Nutrition, an advanced program that covers all the actions performed in a nutritional clinic. Also, it can be integrated with other programs such as Excel, for the export of information or the creation of more complex nutritional projects.

Its functions include the establishment of diets and the cost per dishes, provides remote training through its ANY DESK system and even segments patients by population groups to offer them the best assistance according to their anthropometric data.

AZ Nutrition is installed locally and therefore its payment system is by license and not by monthly fee. It has 3 plans that differ in the features they offer: AZ Lite for $ 490, AZ Professional for $ 1,890 or Basic AZ for $ 1,100.

WEB: AZ Nutrition

  1. Nutritional Monitor, the App to unite dietitians and patients

We finish with Nutritional Monitor, a comprehensive nutritional software that improves the performance of your office. Its app presents many useful functions for the assistance of patients who want to change their diet.

Industry professionals can use their appointment reminder system, create their own website, analyze the daily evolution of each person or store personal information such as habits or medical history.

Nutritional Monitor is a cloud system that has a free trial. It also offers plans that range from $ 55 to $ 165, vary depending on the number of patient registration, advertising and other features.

WEB: Nutritional Monitor

Any of these 6 programs for nutritionists can be the key to success to complement a quality professional service.

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