The Best Software Tools for Clinics and Physicians

Why is clinical software needed? Because patient health care depends heavily on the organization of the center. The management of a medical centre covers a wide range of aspects. Management in each area involved in operation generates a complexity that requires ongoing attention.

Supply, human resources with specific and different functions, medical histories, agendas, are some of the factors that need to be coordinated and addressed. In addition to business management, payments and collections, cash flow, invoicing.

Administrative procedures support the proper functioning of clinics and clinics. Good medical software ensures that nothing escapes control.

What is medical or clinic management software?
Clinical software is a tool that allows to centralize in a single program the entire management operation. It is a technological solution designed to optimize the day-to-day administrative activities of the clinic.

When the clinic has a good management system, it increases efficiency. Automating repetitive tasks typical of daily activity saves time and human resources, reduces errors and streamlines management.

In addition, the effect of accumulating papers, folders, agendas, notebooks and so much physical documentation is minimized. Nothing is lost or deteriorated, because scanning keeps everything in place, organized and a mouse click away.

The image generated by users of a center that has advanced medical software, is update and evolution.

Two important consequences of having a computerized system are the least need for administrative staff and a more efficient and effective organization.

The best software solutions for clinics
Introducing the most efficient medical software.

Clinic Cloud. The ideal multi-center and multispecialty clinic software

Featured features

  • Designed for use in all medical specialties.
  • Enables one user for each professional.
  • Complete and easy-to-carry clinical history system.
  • Full control of the patient’s account.
  • Agility in the appointment schedule.
  • Intelligent data analytics with profitability assessment.
  • Billing and account control module.
  • Product stock management.


General administration, medical records, patient databases, billing, inventory and more. All the features a clinic needs are available in this medical software.

Clinic Cloud allows you to take your clinic on your mobile device wherever you go. Agile and practical, this clinic management software adapts to your specialty. Dentists, psychologists, podiatrists, cosmetic clinics, general medicine and other specialty clinics find in Clinic Cloud the perfect solution for management.

Product sheet: Clinic Cloud

Nubimed. Patient-centered clinic management software

Featured features

  • Digital medical consultation agenda.
  • Clinical records configurable according to clinic preferences.
  • Complete patient database.
  • Accounting module with patient-clinical and clinical-provider flow records.
  • Billing.
  • Private electronic recipes.
  • Treatment budgets for patients.
  • Waiting room management module.

Nubimed centralizes all the management of the clinic. Developed in collaboration with professionals in the medical sector, it stands out for its usability and practicality. All the functionalities of this clinic software respond to the real needs of a medical center.

Cloud hosting saves costs on equipment installations. The data delivered to Nubimed remains protected and encrypted, always safe, in accordance with European regulations. Payment is monthly and only for usage, without licenses or surprise expenses.

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Product data sheet: Nubimed

Ofimedic. All the technology tools for management in one program

Featured features

  • Management systems for the patient reception area.
  • Work agenda, with information of all the doctors, machinery and specialties.
  • Configurable medical records with relevant performance tools.
  • Issuance and control of prescriptions.
  • Document management tools with customizable templates.
  • Inventory, order and stock control.
  • CRM patient-clinical link enhancer.
  • Collection and billing management.

Ofimedic is a software for clinics aimed at ordering and managing all the medical and administrative information that is generated every day. It’s organized into modules. Its functionalities are linked to offer practicality to the user, who has what he needs at the moment when he needs it. Save time and resources.

Its interface is friendly, simple and comfortable, because its design resembles any solution that is usually used on a PC.

Product sheet: Ofimedic

Dasi Clinic. Clinical software that deploys comprehensive utilities for medical teams

Featured features

  • Customizable agenda by professional or room, viewable by day, week or month.
  • Waiting room management with time control.
  • Record of patient’s medical data with background control and drugs.
  • Integration of images and videos in the patient’s file.
  • Statistics based on questionnaires.
  • Invoicing, budgeting and settlements to professionals.
  • Accounting and cash control.

DASI Clinic comes in two modes: cloud and desktop. It adapts perfectly to all medical specialties and is configurable according to preferences. Complies with LOPD data and information security regulations. All management is facilitated and expeditial.

If you opt for this medical software you have two ways to access it: by rent (paying indefinitely monthly fees) or purchase (with a single payment). You’ll find good technical support and updates.

Product data sheet: Dasi Informática

SFT Clinics. The paperless clinic managed with a good computer system

Featured features

  • Plan agendas and have SMS submissions.
  • View the status of each professional’s visits.
  • Prevents errors and data loss.
  • Gather all patient information in one click.
  • Generates listings and controls administrative information.
  • Invoice and control statements.

Clinics SFT, allows you to migrate information from any other management program. From the beginning, you work with all the data integrated with the system. It does not require special computer skills as it is easy to use. For the solution of doubts, it has technical advice and user care.

Working with this clinical software does not require a large upfront investment or special computer equipment. It comes in several versions, ranging from 23.33 to 65 euros per month.

Product sheet: Clinics SFT

EsiClinic. Software for clinics or single-person consultations

Featured features

  • Management of tabs and documents organized in digital folders.
  • Personalized medical records with photos and videos attached.
  • Online appointments available 24 hours a day for online agendas.
  • Tool to process settlements, receipts, cash control, billing.
  • Emphasis on contact and patient care.
  • Compliance with data protection regulations.
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EsiClinic does not require special installation. Once you purchase the software, you are provided with an access code and you start working. From any device connected to the internet you operate in the clinic.

It incorporates marketing and email campaign management. In addition, the calendar sends appointment reminders to patients, avoiding wasted time.

This clinic management software offers a free basic version with which you can experience its benefits. The Professional Plan costs 24.95 euros per month.

Product sheet: EsiClinic

NaturalSoft. Highly configurable medical software

  • Featured features
  • Customizable agendas.
  • Full CRM with various search filters.
  • Patient web portal.
  • Stock control.
  • Medical equipment performance record.
  • Voice recognition.
  • Billing, budgeting, cash control.
  • Medical and financial data analytics.
  • Editable reports and comparator of pre and post treatment images.

Fits all operating systems. It is accessed from any Linux, Windows, Mac or Android device, and guarantees the best levels of stability and security.

It is a medical software that is ISO 9001 certified for quality. It has been designed to meet the expectations and specific needs of all specialties. It presents several solutions focused on different specialties: NS-Hospital (hospital software), VRepro (for assisted reproduction clinics), NS-Doctor, NS-Dental and NS-Geriatric.

Product sheet: NaturalSoft

(If you want to discover other systems related to specific specialties we recommend that you take a look at our articles on dentist software and veterinary software)

How to choose a software for clinics?
There are common traits in the management of all medical centers, which good software for clinics must attend. What are the essential basic functionalities?

Safe storage of medical records
The storage capacity should be large to hold all your patients’ medical records. Consider the growth projection.

Data security system
Patient data is confidential. The software you work with must conform to LOPD standards.

Appointment and reception management
It is an issue with a lot of relevance in medical management, because it affects the image that is given to the client and the organization of the day to day. Good software will take this into account.

Accounting features
Billing operations, cash flow, receipt issuance, requires good accuracy.

Stock control
Viewing inventory status in real time is another key issue.

Medical software should be tailored to your clinic’s needs and work system.

When deciding, it is advisable to think about the critical points of the clinic, its weaknesses and in which areas of administration need to be strengthened.

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