Pharmacy Software Which one do I choose?

As the healthcare industry continues to grow in size and complexity, managing a pharmacy has become increasingly difficult and competitive. Despite the reduction in profit margins, pharmacists are expected to be able to offer knowledge, advice and ensure excellent customer service, while adhering to complex standards and continue to drive Profitability. To do this, many are looking for pharmacy software to help them run their day-to-day operations.

The challenges are often great for pharmacists, as they have a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Multi-team management
  • Make sure all necessary paperwork is completed
  • Rationalization of workflows
  • Inventory management

With a wealth of features, pharmacy software falls into the broadest category of retail software, and can enable establishments to simplify and automate workflows to improve efficiency and help maintain pace of competition. To that end, in we’ve created this guide to help pharmacists better understand the pharmacy software market so they can make an informed decision about which solution is right for their business.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Common features of pharmacy software
Most pharmacy programs offer the same features and functionality as a point-of-sale (POS) solution. They also include features that specialize in pharmaceuticals.

Automatic orders

This function allows pharmacies to place drug orders based on customer demand over a specific period.

Reading barcodes

Price accuracy and label tracking is ensured through barcode reading, while avoiding the human errors associated with manual data entry.

Electronic recipe

Using this option, pharmacies can dispatch electronic prescriptions by streamlining on-site patient care.

Inventory management

This feature allows pharmacies to optimize and manage inventory levels while minimizing costs by ensuring that only the necessary drugs are found.

Point of Sale Terminal (POS)

It helps sellers serve customers and process payments. Ensures that boxes fit, adjust inventory, and print receipts.


Reporting modules can give us a photo of product sales and send automatic notifications if inventory levels drop to a certain level. This feature also analyzes business performance by monitoring specific metrics such as inventory levels, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction levels.

Pharmacy Software Benefits
Pharmacists can get numerous benefits by adopting a pharmacy program, including:

More streamlined and automated workflows. Pharmacy software systems eliminate potential processing errors, automate purchases, and reduce time spent on manual tasks. Functions such as POS, image scanning, and electronic recipes automate payment processing, data entry, and prescribing process tasks, improving an organization’s operational efficiency. In addition, pharmacy software allows pharmacists to plan and distribute staff lists and assign and monitor shifts to ensure the company has the right staff at all times.

Provide better customer service. Pharmacy software systems help pharmacists provide more comprehensive knowledge and advice to customers by suggesting suitable generic substitutes for prescriptions. Pharmacy programs also allow pharmacists to conduct marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, as well as send notifications so that customers can be aware of their prescriptions.

Ensure full coverage of business operations. Pharmacy software systems are designed to manage every part of a pharmacist’s business, from inventory management to regulatory compliance. In addition, these tools provide useful features that are essential to the operation of a retail business, including early maturity alerts, automated sales operations, and procurement tracking.


Analyze business performance. Detailed reports provide pharmacists with performance information, so they have access to real-time and historical tracking in key performance areas. Many pharmacy programs also enable the visualization of custom reports and data using built-in business intelligence tools.

Free pharmacy software
If you are looking for a free pharmacy software we recommend that you opt for a payment option. Firstly because they are more complete and also have a technical support that is critical to the operation of your business.

Market trends
Mobile apps. Mobile apps improve customer accessibility and allow pharmacists to receive orders and accept payments from customers’ mobile devices. These applications also improve customer convenience by allowing pharmacists to process orders or fill inventory on the fly.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Cloud solutions have impacted many industries, including pharmaceuticals. According to Forbes, 78% of U.S. SMEs will adopt cloud computing by 2020. Cloud pharmacy programs reduce capital investment by relying on a subscription model and not a license acquisition model. They also represent a great saving compared to an on-premises installation.

Best Pharmacy Software Tools

Below we will see what are the best programs for pharmacies. This is a subjective selection based on the most used pharmacy software in Spain.

This pharmaceutical software belongs to the company Consoft and covers the computer management of any pharmacy office.

Farmatic Features
Sales. One of the fundamental functions in any pharmacy is the dispensing of medicines. FARMATIC has all the utilities that manage this process quickly and easily.

Box. Check the information obtained by the pharmacy software, check that it squares the box, controls the payment by card, grants money for the exchange, etc.

Shopping. FARMATIC contributes to all processes allowing the pharmacist to have rigorous control over stock replenishments, generating statistical data that will benefit him in his purchasing policy.

Warehouse control. Having a program that gives us information about the status and inventory movements enables better decision-making according to the actual needs according to sales.

Communications. Order shipping, supplier registration in database, renewal of bonuses …

Management of clients and patients. Farmatic tracks all customer-related processes. It includes marketing and loyalty tools that detect the needs of users.

Recipe management. Farmatic contributes to the administration and control of prescriptions by monitoring that allows post-invoicing to the appropriate organism. The software covers health cards issued by autonomous communities.

Posting. Accounting is not only a tax requirement, it is also a procedure of control over the profitability of a company.

Multi-Enterprise Management.A module of the software for pharmacies that seeks profitability through tax savings, dividing the tasks that are carried out in the pharmacy and managing them as a single activity.

Management of SMS alerts. It allows the sending of notifications via sms or mail to keep customers informed.

Incorporation of data. Data that is in other software can be imported into the Farmatic database.

Security. Data security is a critical aspect to consider in the pharmacy. The program includes all the processes to make backups and restore the information if necessary. It also complies with the regulations established by the Organic Data Protection Law.

Pharmaceutical Care. From this module we have access to the medical records of our clients so that personalized follow-ups can be carried out.

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Farmatic rates
For Farmatic pharmacy software rates, you will need to contact the email address listed on this article or the web form. There are rates on the Internet but they are outdated. As always, the price will depend on the size of the pharmacy and your particular needs.

Unycop is a pharmaceutical software fully integrated with microsoft tools. The use of the application is very comfortable and agile giving an effective response to all the processes that are carried out in the pharmacy.

Unycop Features
Unicop offers you different modules to optimize pharmacy management.

Unycop Win. It is the solution for pharmacies created by pharmacists with years of work in the sector. Your business has several processes that can be simplified using this program.

Unycop Guardian. Personal files are stored in your pharmacy. According to the LOPD it is the obligation of the pharmacist to have a copy of this data in a different space to where the computer equipment is located.

Unycop Guardian secures data and increases security with automatic backups

Unycop Mobile. It gives you on your mobile all the information that is generated in your business. With this app you can extract the information of daily sales and purchases, annual and monthly comparisons with respect to the last three fiscal years and also generates graphs of the operations carried out.

Unycop Update. Module that keeps your Unycop version up to date notifying you of the availability of a new update.

Unycop Web. Program with which you will have the possibility to manage the online sales of your pharmacy. You can add items, modify prices and keep your stock updated.

Unycop Marketing. Service that pays personalized attention and increases the loyalty of your users.

BitFARMA in a pharmacy software that has been on the market for more than 30 years, making available to pharmacists easy, intuitive and effective utilities.

BitFARMA Features
BitFARMA is a complete program and quite customizable according to the needs of pharmacies. Some of the features are:

Sales-Dispensation. One of the most important tools of the application, where many processes are carried out involved in the day-to-day pharmacy.

Stock. Proper inventory management is essential for profitability. Both an excess and a lack of stock can result in losses.

Direct orders. They are the ones that are requested directly from laboratories.

Database. In which all the information related to customers and suppliers is integrated.

Marketing. Actions can be developed through a points program. It also incorporates a cross-sell module where additional product information is provided based on the type of customer and dispensed items.

Billing. This module allows you to manage all the processes related to billing: users, companies, statistical data and historical.

Box closures. You can perform the box tonning whenever you want. Controlling, through many options, the inputs and outputs to make the process as boring as possible.

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